Double Pack Flat-Leaf Peas Refill
August 9, 2019
Double Pack Radish Mix Refill
August 9, 2019

Radish Mix Microgreen Jar


  • Filled with full kit and instructions to GIY.
  • Radish microgreens are easy to grow with bold red and green leaves.
  • With a mild peppery taste these baby leaves are delicious added to salads.
  • Not suitable for replanting.
  • After harvesting sow your refill pack.


Radish Mix Jar includes:


  • Recyclable glass jar with lid – re-use with your full refill pack
  • Pack of seeds
  • Pack of water absorbing granules
  • Coco peat soil disc
  • Bamboo spade
  • Growing instructions
See Growing Instructions
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