Peace Pea Shoots ~ Microgreen Single Grow Kit
November 3, 2020
Micro Shooters Refill Kit
May 3, 2021

Micro Shooters Starter Kit


The Micro Shooter Kit is hands-on-fun for little ones wanting to start growing microgreens.  No green fingers needed, and no expensive equipment need. All you need is in this kit, just add some water.  And when we grow with love, anything is possible.
Growing The Micro Shooters will create awareness of sustainability, providing food, and encourage healthy eating.Gardening at home should be encouraged to develop skills in responsibility, planning ahead, finishing tasks, problem solving, exploring their senses and spend more time with their fingers in the dirt. .
The Starter Kit Includes:

·         3 Reusable Growing and Drip Trays (re-sow them with the Refill kits)

·         Water Mister

·         6 Peat Compost Discs

·         3 Variety Micro Shooter Varieties

                                          i.    Peace Pea Shoots

                                        ii.    Sunny Sunflower

                                       iii.    Sweety Popcorn

·         Illustrated growing instructions, compostable spoon with character sticker to mark your crop

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Weight 0.670 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 8 cm
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